It is unavoidable to have small diseases in life, and sometimes it is not necessary to take medicine and injections. Now, for you to introduce “9 kinds of spices to treat small diseases”, to help you cure the physical problems.
Sesame: relieve constipation. Sesame oil contained in sesame oil has the effect of moistening intestines and defecating and preventing constipation. Ground 1 tablespoons of sesame into powder and then spread it on oatmeal, salad or yogurt and other foods.
Black pepper: sore throat discomfort. Put 1 teaspoons of black pepper into the cup, pour water, cover and soak for 10 minutes, then add 2 tablespoons of honey and drink.
Fennel: prevention and control of halitosis. After eating 5-10 grains of fennel and swallow, it can prevent halitosis and breath. The oil in the fennel can also help digestion and remove the odour of the digestive tract.
Garlic: cure a bruise. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. Scratch is light, can be half a teaspoon of garlic powder with a small amount of water into a paste, coated on the rub, or fresh garlic slice will be deposited in the wound.
Ginger: prevent allergies. The antioxidants in turmeric help prevent the body from producing histamine and preventing seasonal allergies.
Meat tenderizer: mosquito. The meat tenderizer papain contribute to the decomposition of mosquito bites after venom protein, relieve inflammation and pain. Take a half teaspoon of meat tenderizer, 2 teaspoons of water and mix thoroughly, wipe the affected area, 30 minutes or more to.
Thyme: treatment of odor. Thyme is a kind of cooking spices often put, containing antifungal substances can kill odor of fungi. 2 tablespoons of 100 Li fragrant leaves are soaked in water for 10 minutes. After cooling, use the cotton ball dipped in the thyme tea to paint your feet and dry naturally.
Rosemary: dandruff. Rosemary can help prevent the scalp from producing too much fat and suppressing dandruff. Add rosemary leaves in a cup of boiling water, soak for 20 minutes, cooled to room temperature. After shampooing, rinse with the water of rosemary leaf.
Nutmeg powder: acne. Mix up the nutmeg powder and honey 1: 1, and apply it on the acne. Wash it with water after 20 minutes. Nutmeg has a strong anti bacterial and fungal efficacy, and the antibacterial substances in honey also help to reduce inflammation.